B2BKing WooCommerce Wholesale Review & In-Depth Analysis 2024

Can you believe it? 139+ features (more on the way) all together for your online wholesale store? 

B2BKing is everything you need to successfully establish your wholesale market online. Furthermore, run your B2B, hybrid B2B, or Private Membership store along with WooCommerce using this king plugin. It’s the ULTIMATE SOLUTION! 

If you are somewhere between whether to give B2BKing a shot or not, have a read here! You may have any stores – B2B, B2B + B2C, wholesale, or secret membership sites. It’s time to change the look of it and prepare it for more sales! 

Our review will change your mind!

How B2BKing Helps You

You are here because you already have a WooCommerce store. It can be a regular shop where you sell products online directly to the end consumers, and you need to add another section for B2B marketing. 

Or, you may simply want to organize your B2B store and offer clients more options to browse your products without a hassle. 

The B2BKing plugin has every single feature you need to outsmart your competitor and draw more leads at your store, offering a user-friendly buying experience. 

That being said! This king plugin is easy to manage and can seamlessly blend with the environment of your WooStore. There’s no wonder why B2BKing is the most featured B2B plugin of all time!

Who Is This Plugin for?

In 2023, B2BKing was the most sold easy solution for the B2B marketplace in WordPress. No other B2B plugin could beat it in the Envato Market. The challenge is open! 

The plugin usually targets WooCommerce Store owners with small to medium businesses, and SMEs. They are the primary users of B2BKing and the plugin is ready to meet their unique needs.  

In addition to that, anybody who runs a wholesale store and is possibly interested in selling products or services to another business is a potential user of B2BKing. B2B retailers, wholesale manufacturers, and distributors are also on the list.  

Let’s learn about the remarkable B2B solution first! Continue reading to find out more about B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce.

“ This plugin is by far the most promising! In order to do what this plugin does, you have to install many plugins, which costs money and are heavy.”

B2BKing Key Benefits:

  • You are in full charge of what others can see of your store. 
  • You can hide your entire website or just the shop as you like. 
  • Instead of orders, easily ask for quotes from customers. 
  • Divide users into customer groups and automate group changes based on Total Purchase Value.  
  • Besides bulk discounts and offers, you can also offer negotiated prices for particular users or groups.  
  • You have an advanced email section for both ends (admin & users). 
  • Easily create product bundles and promote them to specific customers or users. 
  • Create subaccounts to My Account and set conditions for each subaccount. 
  • Both main acc. and subaccounts can join the same conversation. 
  • You can allow your customers to save cart contents as purchase lists. 
  • Set the plugin status to B2B Shop or B2B & B2C hybrid, anything that suits you.

The list goes on! We can undeniably say that another name for B2BKing is flexibility. The rich features will help you integrate a dynamic, & modern B2B/ B2B+B2C/ Private Store smoothly like a breeze.  

Your customers have been waiting for this and you need to offer them the flexibility and mobility of B2BKing.

B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce

B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce Review

Rating: 4.98/5 
Active Installation: 10K+ 

You have different options to introduce a wholesale market along with your B2C store. But why B2BKing? Hear me out! 

Don’t think of B2BKing as the same as any other WooCommerce extension. I mean, it is indeed a WooCommerce+WordPress extension, but with a large number of exciting features, other plugins can’t compete! 

You can use any other wholesale plugin, but not with the benefits of a complete SAAS solution. Even if you do integrate other plugins & extensions, let’s not forget how expensive it will be. Plus, the large number of plugins may not allow your store to function properly. 

With B2BKing, you can replace any other costly SAAS extensions and offer a simple interface to browse almost everything in your shop seamlessly, which is also at a competitive price! 

In short, you are in full charge of your store and you control everything, from visibility to price options. 

Why have multiple plugins and make your store slower when you can get the job done with one? In terms of versatility and features, B2BKing is the real KING.

Key Features of B2BKing

Great plugin and flexible. You can find almost every option that you will need, and even if you can’t find it, the support is absolutely amazing and will help you.

Perhaps, B2BKing is the most feature-rich wholesale woocommerce plugin for WordPress. The plugin may seem like a jumbo, but with an incredibly simple-to-use interface. 

We may not be able to cover all the 140 features of B2BKing. Let’s highlight the most fundamental ones below,

Multiple Pricing Option:

The plugin is ideal for your wholesale store. You can experiment with the pricing option for your different clients, and set it differently. Such as

  • Wholesale Pricing: When you target B2B clients or offer a wholesale market, your sales strategy will be different.

    Wholesalers always set the price for bulk quantities as they sell not one but a large quantity at once. Wholesale prices are always reduced to some extent than retail markets.

    You can set the wholesale price directly with B2BKing. Additionally, you also have the option to import the bulk prices through CSV or add discounts based on products, categories, or bulk order discounts.
  • Role-Based Pricing: Set prices differently for different user roles. Role-based prices are another wonderful feature of the plugin. B2BKing offers two default roles – B2B and Individual Customer.

    You may create other user roles like Resellers or Retailers. B2BKing allows you to set the price differently for any customer segment that falls under a specific user role.

    You may create other user roles like Resellers or Retailers. B2BKing allows you to set the price differently for any customer segment that falls under a specific user role.

    Let’s say, you can set the price higher for retailers, and lower for wholesale customers. This way, you can introduce different pricing values for different groups of people for their unique buying behavior.

  • Dynamic Discounts: Just like multiple pricing options, you can offer interesting discounts to attract more customers based on their purchase history, user roles, order amount, etc.

    Discounts are always exciting. With B2BKing it’s even more attractive. You can set discounts on bulk orders, have a (%) discount or lock discount, or even set free shipping and many more! The options never end to fill you up!
  • Tiered & Fixed Pricing: Every wholesale plugin now features tiered pricing. What’s different with B2BKing? You can offer a more complex tiered structure with B2BKing and take it one step ahead. For example,

    You can set,

    => $1/item for orders below 200 pieces.
    => $0.95/item for orders of 200-1000 pieces.
    => $0.8/item for orders for over 1000 pieces.

    You can introduce two or more conditions and easily set up dynamic rules either on discounts or products with fixed prices. It’s all yours!

Now** B2BKing allows you to introduce tiered pricing on the product page and pricing table. Details here. You now have a dynamic product page with versatile tiered options. 

Order Forms, Registration & Approvals

Wholesale Order Forms,

Offer sleek, simple, and powerfully functional bulk order forms for your B2B and B2C clients, i.e. in 3 different themes. B2BKing is awesome and it automatically creates a separate section for bulk order forms under “My Account.”

Not only that, you can add product descriptions as you like, set prices following your stock updates, and restrict product photos from the bulk order form.

Registration Forms & Approvals,

Perhaps, B2BKing is the first wholesale plugin with registration roles. This means you can create personalized registration forms for anybody who wants to enter your store. 

Users will see a different field based on which role they select at registration. If you don’t want to, you can easily disable the dropdown feature for roles, as you may. 

Furthermore, you are in charge of automatic approvals for specific registration roles. For example, let’s say you have created a registration role “IKA Community.” Users who register under this role are auto-approved and assigned to the IKA group. 

In contrast, you can also assign other roles and let them be in the queue for approval. They will have access to your store once you have reviewed the personal details and approved them.

B2B Wholesale WooCommerce Review

Product Visibility & Order Min-Max

Product Visibility,

B2B store owners need to be careful with their overall marketing strategy and may often have to hide product visibility to some customer segments. 

You have an easy solution with B2BKing. Set different visibility rules based on specific user roles. For example, you may not want to reveal what your B2B clients see to the retailers and entirely hide a part of your store. Get it done easily with B2BKing

In contrast, you can also keep your store open to all. By default, all product categories are hidden for all groups in B2BKing. You can simply toggle the All Products Visible option and hide specific items. You can also create a completely secret store where people won’t see your products without logging in.

B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce
Minimum & Maximum Order,

It’s essential to set the minimum order quantity in wholesale (distributors & retailers too) business to make sales worthwhile. Since product value is already minimised, when an order doesn’t fill a specific quota, you can hardly benefit from the purchase. 

B2BKing takes care of that too! With that in mind, you can also set order thresholds for different users or different groups. 

You can additionally, set min/ max order requirements for any products, or product categories, based on user roles or specific groups. It’s all yours to play with.

Wholesale Order B2B

Payment, Shipping, Tax & Vats

Payment & Shipping: Ultimate Control

B2BKing offers an easy solution for the ultimate payment and shipping control. You can easily introduce a variety of payment and shipping methods for specific customer groups. 

Additionally, it’s interesting with B2BKing that you can also restrict shipping and payment methods for different order values and customer segments. There’s no denying that, B2BKing has the best flexible solution for each customer at the same time.

Tax Exemption & VAT Included,

You can include VAT with B2BKing for cross-border sales. If you are a registered company, have the privilege to easily include the VAT number in your WooCommerce store.

VATs will vary based on which country users select, it may or may not be applicable to some countries. Given the kind of dynamic condition you set, you can add this field on registration or while checking out.

B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce Tax Exemption Feature

You can additionally set different tax exemption rules with B2BKing. For example, 

  • No Tax is required for anybody with a valid VAT no. 
  • Exempt Tax for users from specific countries (Such as Poland) with valid VAT no. 
  • You can remove Tax for registered users from any European country with a valid VAT no.

Remember that, B2BKing features the VIES validation through the official EU API. There is no possibility of passing through any wrong VAT no without identifying it.

Request Quotes,

Let your customers enjoy the flexibility to request quotes instead of orders. B2BKing is perhaps the first plugin to integrate this feature as one of its own. 

Earlier, the quote feature was applicable to guest users. In addition to Request a Quote, you can also add Hide Prices or Hide the Website Completely.

Now, it’s possible to request quotes for specific products and categories, and for registered users also. After a customer requests a quote, it will create a Conversation section in the My Account menu.

Both parties will exchange messages and negotiate to a mutual term. And that’s how it works. 

B2BKing also integrates fantastically with other WooCommerce plugins and extensions including, but not limited to WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, and other Woo product add-ons. 

Plus, how can we forget about the multi-vendor platforms like Dokan? The plugin is full of opportunities to create a better platform for your business.

b2B Wholesale WooCommerce

Get Started with B2BKing-Quick 4 Steps

You know B2BKing now and all its rich features. If you have a B2B, hybrid, or private store, you would never want to miss the plugin’s benefits. 

Let’s learn how to install and activate the King plugin in 4 simple steps. 

As we know B2BKing is available in freemium, meaning you can download the free version or purchase the premium one. But why settle for less when the pro version is within your budget (discussed below)? 

Here’s how you can install and activate the pro B2BKing plugin. Stay with us and follow the steps.

Step 1: Purchase & Download B2BKing

Purchase the suitable version of B2BKing for you. The plugin has three different tiers for yearly licenses. 

  • Startup at $199.50
  • Pro at $299.50
  • Developer at $399.50 

You can also expand the license and get a lifetime deal. Details hereAfter completing the purchase, the plugin team will give you the plugin .zip file. Download it.

Step 2: Upload & Activate B2B King

(1) Log in to your WP Dashboard. Since you are the admin, you can upload/ remove any plugin as you like. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload

(2) Browse through and go to the folder in which you saved the plugin .zip file. Select it and click Install Now

B2B Wholesale WooCommerce

(3) You will now activate the core B2BKing plugin. Simply, click Activate.

Step 3: Set up Your Store

Before you activate the license key, go to B2BKing > Settings. You will now have to set up the plugin status to either B2B & B2C Hybrid or B2B Shop. It depends on what kind of store you promote. 

To configure more, here’s the official guide (but do it after activating the license key).

B2BKing Wholesale WooCommerce

Step 4: Verify the License Key

You can’t receive updates or support without verifying the license key. Here’s how you can do it. Go to your account dashboard of kingsplugin.com. You will have the license key here. 

Copy it and go to Settings > License. Insert your email address and license key. And click Activate.

B2BKing Wholesale License Management

B2BKing & the Alternatives

Although less, B2BKing has a few alternatives in the market. Wholesale Suit and WooCommerce B2B are the two popular alternatives of B2BKing. 

The final wholesale solution is ultimately yours to choose. But take a look at what B2BKing offers you that others don’t.

Table for B2BKing Vs. WooCommerce B2B Vs. Wholesale Suit
Feature ListB2BKingWooCommerce B2BWholesale Suit
B2B Dashboard
B2B + B2C Multisite Support 
Purchase Order Gateway 
Wholesale Order Form 
Quick Orders via CSV
B2B Offers & Bundles 
Conversations & Message
Email & Quotation 
Downloadable CSV Lists
Dynamic Tiered Pricing 
Payment Method Min/Max Order
Discounts/ Subcharges
Visibility Shortcode 
Hide from B2C
Request A Quote 
VAT Exemption Rules 
Wholesale PricesBy Group
By User
Coupon Restrictions 
EU VAT VIES Validation 
Free Shipping Rules 

There are more! B2BKing offers 140+ features and the list is getting longer every day!

B2BKing Price Overview:

B2BKing Pricing Pricing Pic - Annual

You already know B2BKing is a freemium plugin. You have both options – the free & the premium version. You can purchase the pro version directly from the official website of King’s Plugins or here

The free version, like any other WP free plugin, holds some basic features (Table below). In contrast, the premium version offers some exclusive advanced features that’s also within your budget.

Talking about budget, the Pro B2BKing has three different pricing tiers with two different license types. You can purchase either the yearly license or the annual one, based on your need.

The yearly license includes

Startup Package: This plan costs $139. It’s a starter pack for beginners and applicable to one website only. You get all the core 139+ features with monthly updates and reliable user support. 

Pro Plan: All features are included. You get additional company credit add-ons including, Dokan & WCFM. The entire package is available at $189 and you can use the plugin for three websites

Developer Plan: Everything you get with Pro Plan + Backend White Label, where you can personalize the backend and panels following the tone of your brand. It is available at $299 and can be applicable to unlimited websites

Here are the basic yearly plans of B2BKing. After a year, you have to renew the license to continue. Or, you can purchase the Lifetime license which you never have to renew again. 

The package is flexible. You can purchase a lifetime license for 1 Website, 3 Website, or Unlimited as you may need. Here’s a look,

B2BKing Wholesale Price - Lifetime Deal

Free vs. Premium B2BKing

You can use the free B2BKing for a trial. But if you want to settle with the free version, take a look at what you will miss without the pro version of B2BKing.

Table for Free Vs. Pro B2BKing
Feature Free B2BKing Premium B2BKing 
WP & WooCommerce Theme Compatibility Totally Completely 
Set Wholesale PriceApplicable to simple & variable productsAvailable to broad application
Payment MethodFor each user or each groupUltimate control with options for restriction
Shipping MethodFor each user or each groupUltimate control including free shipping with its own rules
Discount Percentage Applicable with dynamic rulesApplicable with dynamic rules
Reports for B2B / B2C CustomersAvailable Available
Loco Translate or WPMLFully translatableFully translatable
Registration RolesUnlimitedUnlimited
Email NotificationsAvailableAvailable with exclusive conversion features
Registration Forms and ApprovalsAvailableAvailable
Buyer’s Subaccounts UnavailableAvailable
Custom Fees and TaxUnavailableAvailable
Request a QuoteUnavailableAvailable
Create GroupsOnly 2Unlimited
VAT VIES ValidationNillAvailable
Site Restriction with ShortcodeNot availableAvailable
Custom Table on Product PageNot availableAvailable

The list goes on and on. In short, you can have a blast of exclusive features with the premium version of B2BKing. The plugin developers don’t hold the features back. Only support and a few add-ons vary with the package type.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now, you know B2BKing better than yesterday, right? What’s preventing you from using the plugin? Add B2BKing to your existing WooCommerce store, and let your business shine in a few days! 

You can also use the free version before spending money. The support team is credible and ready at your service.  In fact, some of the users believe that B2BKing offers better support than WooCommerce Store Support for their own plugins. 😀

Don’t forget about the official documentation. It is top-notch! In short, it’s a complete package waiting to explode!  Let us know in the comments which deal you would buy! We will come back soon with another in-depth Woo review!

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